Trip to Stramberk


It was a cold and damp morning at the end of February. We were at grandma´s in Frydlant in Northern Moravia. Despite the weather we decided to set on a trip to Stramberk.Lookout tower Trúba, famous biscuits „sweet ears“, picturesque houses…Why not? Together with grandma we set off for the trip and brought the cart with ourselves …..just to be on the safe side.What if the journey is longer than expected?

Before the trip we were planning to park in the town centre, see the main square, get to the tower „Trúba“, have lunch and drive back.

As there was no entry sign to the town centre we had to park on the outskirts close to the hill called Kotouč. The cart became handy even on the way to the town.

On the way Marek spotted a playground. We had to make a stop there and I found out that we happened to be close to the famous cave Sipka where neanderthal remains were found. We wanted to see that.

It would be impossible to make this trip with a pushchair. But absolutely realizable with the cart. Marek hopped on and let me pull him on a muddy trail which was steeply going up. From the cave we had a wonderful view of all the town with the renowned tower.

The descent was pretty harsh.There were both mud and ice on the trail. Marek wanted to go on foot. Luckily when we got to the town he chose the cart. We were glad as the road was very narrow and the cars were passing by closely. Without the cart we would have been scared of his safety.

The next more demanding part was climbing to „Trúba“. We had to cross the square over granite bricks. We had to climb approximately 100 steps to get the Dr. Hrstka Chalet where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. The descent was hard again, the surface was from processed quarry stone.

In the evening we were reflecting the trip. Would we have been able to go on such a trip without the cart? Technically speaking it would have been possible with a child carrier. But as I have problems with my back it would not have been a good idea. And Marek could not have got on and off frequently.

It would have be impossible to use the pushchair in such a terrain. It could have been used only in few parts (eg. eg the narrow road and the square).

We were very happy that we could have realised the trip thanks to the cart. We all enjoyed the day very much. Marek fell asleep in the car immediately. I reckon he was pleasantly tired.