Why is there no seat on cart?


Shortly after Marek has started walking he learned to say – my legs hurt. These words were accompanied by a desperate look and by raised arms. I probably don´t need to write how such situations ended. I have seen so many parents carrying their children in the parks and playgrounds. I was glad that I was not the only one who suffered of a backache because of my child´s laziness.

Parents often think that their child is able to walk all the journey by foot. It often ends by the above-mentioned look of the offspring when he/ she gets to know that there is the same extremely boring path that needs to be overcome. In fact the child only wants to eliminate the boring passage and to get to the finish as soon as possible.

The child certainly knows that to be in the parents´arms is the safest way. The arms always open if the child plays with feelings. As soon as the child is at the playground, he/she immediately forgets that „legs hurt“.

I have also never heard Marek say that his legs hurt when riding the cart. And he spent so many hours on it. What was important that he rode fast and they were  trips to adventure!

Somebody may object that the child will become as dependent on the cart as on the pushchair and he/ she will not want to walk on foot. I believe there are a few differences. To get off the cart is much easier and thus more comfortable for parents. Moreover it works on the principle of voluntariness. You don´t need to stand the child on the ground against his/ her will. The child gets on/ gets off when he/ she wants. In addtion the change from the ride on the cart is not so different as in case of getting off the pushchair.

I like the views of a Czech tutor Marek Herman who I presume to paraphrase.

The child also needs to experience discomfort, ambiguous life full of joy and difficulties so the child can better enjoy the moments of happiness.

The parent should particularly supervise, show the direction, explain and give a correct example. The parent should not substitute the nanny of an emperor and pretend to be child´s friends.

The cart is not only a means of transportion. It also expresses the way of life and approach to the children´s upbringing. The children on the cart get more capability to manage their own affairs but at the same time have to be more responsible and able to bear the consequences of their behaviour both positive and negative.

What do you think about it?