Minimalism on trips: Don't we také too much stuff with us?


A pushchair offers plenty of storage space. It is so often filled with unnecessary things. The same is happening in the trunks of our cars or in the cabinets, where we store items we will probably never use again

Carrying only a small backpack is the opposite minimalistic way.You start to think what you really need to bring with you. The less you have, the less you have to watch, wash, fold, seek and lose. The first step towards minimalism is to look at seemingly self-evident things with a different angle of view. For example, the child on the cart does not need to be distracted with toys. He/ she fully focuses on riding, balancing, watching the terrain and the surroundings so he/ she can get off when needed. Moreover, if he/ she does not stuff himself/ herself with sweets and biscuits which may happen in a pushchair he/ she will eat his/ her lunch with a great appetite.