For how long can your child use the cart?


When I was thinking about when to start promoting the cart via campaigns I could not decide.  I am convinced that the cart is a means of transportion that can be well used regardless of the season.

In general people like going on trips in spring and in summer but there are also so many beautiful days in November and December and it would be a pity to stay at home. Sellers tell you that people do not buy scooters and balance bikes in the winter but they focus on sledges and skis.

I agree that marketingly it absolutely makes sense. When preparing the campaign. I followed sellers´ experiences. However, an inner voice was telling me something different.

The cart is able to ride in a harsher terrain than a scooter and a balance bike. It can drive through water, mud and little snow.

Outdoor is about experiencing the weather with all your senses. It's also about endurance, resilience and rewards of beautiful feelings, when you suddenly get lost on the hill and you are not there with a bunch of other tourists.

That´s why the cart is also “off- season”.