Vozeeczech has a lot of advantages!

Is your child too big to be in a pushchair but is not able to walk a longer distance yet?

if your answer is yes, vozeeczech will be perfect for you. You will be able to go for a longer walk, your child will have lots of fun and will also improve the balance and stability.

Let´s see how vozeeczech works...

As a parent you appraise...

⦁ vozeeczech may be easily folded

⦁ is for an active child who does not want to stay in a pushchair

⦁ if a child is tired, he/ she can relax on it

⦁ goes without problems on forest footpaths and uphill terrain

⦁ overcomes steps and curbs

⦁ both you and your child will enjoy the ride

⦁ vozeeczech encourages the child to walk and supports child´s stability

⦁ the child will not sleep while on a trip (will sleep at night well:-)


⦁ will enjoy the ride either you go fast or hop in a terrain

⦁ they will explore the world - they see everything around them and may hop on/ off anytime

⦁ they see you all the time and thus feel safe

⦁ they can decide by themselves if they ride or walk on foot

⦁ they feel exceptionally as they are actively engaged in the ride


over pushchairs

⦁ is smaller, lighter and easily folded

⦁ handled with one hand

⦁ easily overcomes rough paths

⦁ you can carry it in one hand and on your shoulder

⦁ takes only little space in public transport

⦁ can be put easily in a car boot

⦁ the child is more active then when sitting in a pushchair

⦁ motivates your child to independent walking

⦁ vozeeczech strenghtens the child´s inner stabilization system and upper limbs

over independent walking

⦁ useful when you are in a hurry (eg. you need to catch a train)

⦁ the child does not complain about being tired

⦁ you don´t need to carry your child in your arms

⦁ you have the situation under control, your child can not run off to the road

over balance bikes

⦁ most children are not able to ride a balance bike for long

⦁ you don't have your child under control

⦁ a child can easily get into dangerous situations

⦁ in the outdoors a balance bike may not surpass the terrain and you will carry both your child and a balance bike

We want to be unbiased. When to leave the cart at home?

When to take a pushchair?

⦁ if you wish you child sleeps during the trip

⦁ if your child is sick or recovering from illnes

⦁ if you want to do some little shopping and want to store it in the pushchair basket

When to use baby carrier for hiking?

⦁ if you wish your child sleeps during the trip

⦁ if you want to do off-trail hiking