The concept of travelling with cart

Eduard's first ride on the cart (14 month old)
Eduard's first ride on the cart (14 month old)

My name is Jan Srovnal and I am the father of two young sons Marek (2014) and Eduard (2017). I always liked going on trips and exploring new places. When my first son was born my lifestyle certainly changed. Nevertheless I still wanted to go on trips and to the outdoor. Before Marek had started to walk, it was quite easy to travel with a pushchair or a child carrier. The situation changed with his first steps. The puschchair started to be rather a burden and the child carrier not necessary when going to the townpark.

I tried to find such a way of travelling so that outdoor and physical activity become a passion for my boys. In the course of time I tried various kinds of means of transportation which is on the market – a pushchair, a baby wrap, a child carrier, a baby bike seat, later also a scooter, a balance bike and a tricycle. Something more often , something less depending on the situation and the age of my son.

I was also looking at other parents outside. I realized that they often treated children as if they were luggage that needed to be teleported from point A to point B. Children were either tied in a carrier without the possibility of changing the position or strapped in a pushchair. Children obviously couldn´t  enjoy such a journey, parents were nervous and they all just couldn´t wait for its end.

Marek and I, testride in February 2017
Marek and I, testride in February 2017

How did I come up with the idea of the cart?

I was watching children and they seemed to enjoy riding while standing very much (maybe a bit riskily on the pushchair, behind the pram on the board or in a shopping trolley – though it is forbidden). I thought that they would have to like something similar to segway for young children!

That evening I  took a pencil, paper and started to draw

I made the first prototype of the cart from the wooden board which I attached to the spade. I wanted to see Marek´s reaction. I was pleasantly suprised as he was very keen on using it.  His first ride was more than a kilometre long – and he was only 19 months old. When he wanted to get off, he started to slow down with his leg. I stopped, he got off, stepped in the puddle, picked up the stick and again got off. A seemingly boring walk turned into an unusual experience.

The concept of traveling with the cart is based on respecting the child as an equal partner for whom the trip is also intended.The child observes the surroundings, becomes aware of the terrain's unevenness and can react actively. If you think you have tried all kinds of transport and you can not be surprised by anything , then this way of traveling will surely impress you. It opens new possibilities for unexpected enjoyment and experience for both you and your children. Just discover them!

The first ride on the cart

I share with you the picture of Marek on his first trip with the cart. This is a 19 month old boy on the way to adventure. By the way in the picture you can see the first version of the cart. It is assembled from a table leg, a wooden board, a round log and a spade handle.

The present day carts  have inflatable wheels with bearings and they can be folded.

And what is most important they were tested in an accredited laboratory where they got the safety certificate according to the standard ČSN EN 71-1:2015.

The function and the shape of the cart were  registered by the Industrial Property Office as a utility model and industrial design in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Children´s physiotheraphy opinion

The assessment of the safety of children´s riding on the cart was an important part of the challenging development. My original fear of criticism by physiotherapists was dispelled by the acclaimed child physiotherapist Jana Skalová who expressed her support for this way of travelling.

For years, Jana Skalová has been pointing out the unhealthy movement habits of children caused by the wrong use of balance bikes but mainly by the long-term carrying children in wraps and carriers. They often cause defective postural habits, knee  facing inwards (legs to "X") and other defects. Jana Skalová has welcomed the cart as an ideal alternative. I reflected Her valuable remarks from the point of view of ergonomics were reflected in the improvement of the fourth prototype on which the current model is based.

Safety certificate

In order to guarantee the safety of the cart, we have tested it in an internationally recognized Institute for Testing and Certification. According to the test conclusion, the cart complies with the strict requirements of CSN EN 71-1: 2015 for safety and quality of children's products.